Chuck Close Study 
Inspired by the paintings of Chuck Close, I sought to utilize the affordances of coding to rapidly generate experiments in color. Similar to the work of Close, at the base of my code is a computationally generated grid, using pixel data from the original portrait image.
A palette of compliments were informed by the the original portrait, and these colors randomly fill swatches in each cell of the final product. The resulting effect is a breadth of exploration with a shimmering visual effect.
Spotify Chromecast Concept
Music has the ability to bring people to live in the moment, especially in social settings. Having used chosen music at parties and played it through Spotify's Chromecast player, I was disappointed with its old fashioned, iPod-esque, interface on the television. It's listing of present, past, and queued song takes party-goers out of the moment. 
This inspired me to prototype an alternative Chromecast display, which is focused on the current moment of the music. A neutral record spins as generative particles ascend. Their diameter is dictated by the amplitude of the music, and their horizontal drift by the tempo, allowing for the graphics to dance alongside guests.